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" Statistics reveal the inequality that marks black women’s lives. In the United States today more than one in four black women lives in poverty, a rate more than double that of white women. Babies born to black women are two and a half times more likely to die before their first birthday than white babies. Compared to white women, black women are significantly more likely to be the sole wage earner in their household, to never marry, to suffer divorce, or to be widowed young and therefore to have to raise their children without a husband’s emotional or financial assistance. Black women heads of households are twice as likely to live in inadequate housing, and they earn 33–50 percent of what their male counterparts earn. Fewer than 30 percent of black women have bachelor’s degrees, and the unemployment rate for black women is more than double that for white women. Black women have higher rates of hypertension and diabetes. They are more likely to die of breast cancer and more likely to have a hysterectomy. While HIV-AIDS infections have declined throughout the United States, the highest rate of new cases is among young black women, in whom it is also the leading cause of death. Although a much larger number of black men are incarcerated, African American women are the fastest-growing population of new inmates. Nearly a third of black girls and women are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Most of these assaults are perpetrated by black men. On the whole, black women have less education and higher rates of underemployment, poverty, disease, and isolation than white women. "
— Melissa V. Harris-Perry, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America (via foucault-the-haters)

its day two out of five of solid small talk and the political orientation of the conversation just took a dramatic turn towards the right

i’m struggling

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Radical feminists:the sex industry is dangerous to women!
Sex workers:I experience these dangers and also depend on my job to support myself, so will you support me in making my working conditions safer?
Radical feminists:the sex industry results in human trafficking!
Sex workers:actually, sex trafficking statistics are confused with trafficking statistics for domestic labor and often include voluntary sex workers such as migrant workers.
Radical feminists:the sex industry causes rape!
Sex workers:we're at risk of violence due to stigma surrounding our work that results in an inability to report that basically allows rapists to target us without giving us any recourse.
Radical feminists:we need to shut down the sex industry to protect these women!
Sex workers:forcing us out of our jobs is just going to force us into poverty though, why don't you listen to us and help us make our work safer?
Radical feminists:false consciousness! handmaidens of the patriarchy!
Sex workers:I thought you wanted to help us?
Radical feminists:fuck you for selling out women! You deserve what you get! Throwing women under the bus!
Sex workers:. . .
Radical feminists:I only care about trafficked women!
Sex trafficking survivors:criminalization actually makes things worse for us by contributing to stigma, statist violence and limiting our ability to access support through peer-based organizations and other workers
Radical feminists:abolish the sex industry!
Sex workers and trafficking survivors:. . .


I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

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too many attractive people on my dash today

" In a recent BBC report on homosexual Muslims in the UK, one interviewee described an experience she had at a gay pride rally. She says, “‘There was an occasion at gay pride once where one of the marchers turned around and quite crudely said, ‘we didn’t know pride was allowing suicide bombers on the march’ –– it was really shocking to hear it from a fellow gay marcher.” The intersection of an affirmative declaration of gay and Muslim identifications runs into the ascriptive identification of all Muslims as terrorists. "
— Hussein Rashid, The Name Game: Understanding Tensions in Identity and Muslim Homosexuality, in Muslim LGBT Inclusion Project (via ace-muslim)

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today i met someone who said that michael gove is the best thing that’s ever happened to the british education system

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