just made depop and i don’t understand it yet!!but tell me yours and i will follow?

just had a coughing fit and i think something in my throat burst this aint gd

Anonymous: how did you do in your AS levels and what ums? what do you want to do in the future and where do you want to go? xxx

uuhrr i want to do history, i think i’m going to apply to edinburgh bristol sheffield oxford, i do biology art english history got AAAA with 81/85/98/100 ums

All Under One Roof Raving // Jamie xx

might be seeing him (and james blake and belle and sebastian oh my god) in a couple of months at pitchfork festival in paris if i can raise the funds !! aah

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β€œThe mental age of the average adult Gypsy is thought to be about that of a child of ten. Gypsies have never accomplished anything of great significance in writing, painting, musical composition, science or social organisation. Quarrelsome, quick to anger or laughter, they are unthinkingly but not deliberately cruel. Loving bright colours, they are ostentatious and boastful, but lack bravery.”

published 60 years ago to the date in the official british encyclopaedia.

this comes ten years after WWII, in which thousands of roma fought in the british military, and up to 1.5 million were murdered in genocide of hitler’s ethnic cleansing.

can we talk about this a bit more

" Once ideologies have been created, they take on a life of their own. Once established, they multiply their own internal rationales, cultivated by the scholasticism of priests, bureaucrats and professors who strive to record and classify the remarkable inventiveness of the human imagination "
β€” Thomas Acton, first Professor of Romani Studies (University of Greenwich) commenting on historical roots of racial stereotyping

burn perez hilton to the ground

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i am a smart girl why do i do all of the dumb things that i do

"nipple piercings are a gross mutilated hypersexualistion of your natural state" shut up mom